Boom Sprayer

Boom Sprayer

Boom sprayers can be used to spray all sorts of field crops. Using nozzles on booms, destruction of harmful weeds, pests or diseases which can affect the health of plants like; wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, canola, raps, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower etc. is prevented. Boom Sprayers are either mechanical as standard or hydraulically lifting for adjusting height as optional system is available for the booms. Boom sprayers are optimum for plant protection process and usage of herbicide, pesticide, fungicide etc. Also, the sprayers, hoses and spray guns are detachable.

400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 liter sprayer tanks are produced from polyethylene or fiberglass material.

Sprayer booms are produced in lengths 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 m.


Boom Sprayer Pakistan Technical Specification

  1. Operation Tractor – Hydraulic and PTO Driven
  2. Capacity: 500 litters to 1,000 litters
  3. Length: up to 10 meters
  4. Wingspan: 25 feet / Side
  5. Nozzle Type: Tee Jet/Conical
  6. Tractor Compatibility: 50 HP onwards


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