Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough

Chisel plough is a common tool used to get deep tillage (prepared land) with limited soil disruption. The main function of chisel plough is to loosen and aerate the soil while leaving crop residue at the top of the soil. The chisel plough is used to reduce the effects of compaction and to help break up the plough pan and hardpan. Unlike many other ploughs the chisel will not invert and turn the soil.

Chisel plough is used to break through and shatter compacted and otherwise impermeable soil layers. It is also used in deep tillage shatters compacted sub soil layers, aids in better infiltration and storage of rainwater in the crop root zone. The improved soil structure is also results in the better development of root system and the yield of crops and their drought tolerance is also improved.

The functional component of the unit includes reversible share, chisel, beam, cross shaft and top link connection.


Chisel Plough Pakistan Technical Specification

  1. No of Tines: 2 to 5
  2. Total Width: 1,570 mm
  3. Linkage Capacity: I & II
  4. Max Working Depth: 22-25 cm
  5. Weight: 225-360 kg.
  6. Tractor Compatibility: 50HP Onwards


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