Wheat Straw Chopper

Wheat Straw Chopper

Wheat Straw Chopper are PTO operated. It harvests the wheat straws and cut them in to small pieces by combine harvester. The chopped wheat straws blow in to the attached trailer at the back. It has an output capacity of 0.8ha/hr.


Wheat Straw Chopper Pakistan Technical Specification

  1. Reaper Length: 90 inches
  2. Size: 60 inches
  3. Oil consumption: 5-3.50 Litter / trolley
  4. Blower: 2
  5. Jack: 3
  6. Digit tracker horsepower:50HP/85HP
  7. PTO Speed: 540/480 rpm
  8. Thresher drum Diameter: 31 inches
  9. Total blades: 340
  10. Total Finger: 15


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