Water Bowser

Water Bowser

The tow-able Water Bowsers are the perfect solution for transporting liquid-based loads, such as water and fuel, in a safe manner. Tow-able bowsers have been designed in such a way that you can simply tow it around site with a tractor and spray of water onto the surface. It can even be used as a stationary piece of equipment to keep a specific area moist. Can be used to supply water for: watering shrubs, trees & general horticultural use. . The larger models can be used for spraying operations etc.


Water Bowser Pakistan Technical Specification

  • 2000 liters to 20,000-liter capacity suitable with Tractor tow-able & truck mounted
  • Available in Cylindrical, Oval & Elliptical shapes
  • Large diameter rolled steel tank with internal baffle
  • Top mounted suitable filling points
  • Access ladder to filling points
  • Rear mounted Water Sprinkler
  • Suitable mudguards
  • Heavy Duty trailer for Tow-able water units


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