Farm Trolley

Farm Trolley

Farm Trolley is a form of trailer with deeper panels and higher side walls in order to accommodate more goods. It has a front moveable axle for easy turnings in tight corners. Body Size is 12x2x6 (12 feet length, 2 feet height, 6 feet width) and tire size is 16. It starts from the capacity of 5 Tons to 20 Tons.


  Farm Trolley Pakistan Technical Specification

  1. Tractor Compatibility: 50HP onwards
  2. Size: 13’X6’X2’
  3. Axle Size: 4-1/2”X3/8”
  4. No of tires: 2 to 4
  5. Capacity: 5 Tons – 20 tons
  6. Weight: 1,000 – 1,400 KGS


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